How we support you

Some things we can do for you

Our approach is mainly about working with you to help you to find and achieve your own positive outcomes.  However, we also understand that sometimes, we don't have enough 'oomph' on our own to launch ourselves in a new direction, and need a lift, just to get going.  Our fresh approach involves helping you to de-clutter - to identify blockages, barriers, sticking points, that are preventing you from finding the time, energy and head-space - to make those first few steps easier.

More things we will do with you

As the name suggests, Fresh Perspective CMM aims to bring a different way of looking at things.  We believe that strong organisations revolve around confident, supported and happy managers, who exude and reflect this to those around them - up, down and sideways, including managing boards, staff teams and relationships with other organisations.  Our fresh perspective focuses on these relationships - understanding them, strengthening them and repairing them where necessary.  We will work with you via coaching, mentoring and, if required, mediation, to address these.

Most things we will do to empower you

Above all we aim to instill in you a fresh perspective that enables you to face the new challenges with confidence.  We bring this to all of our interventions, whether through mentoring that supports you to face challenges more confidently, coaching managers or teams to identify and achieve agreed goals, or mediation between individuals or organisations to overcome barriers.  Each of these approaches will be about identifying, owning and progressing solutions, so that all the key stakeholders in your organisation feel confident in their own abilities and potential to move forward.