What we offer


Our coaching is designed to help you to achieve your full potential, to thrive as professionals, to feel more focused, to improve performance, and to feel strong and confident to deliver the best possible outcomes for your chosen audience. Our strengths-based approach is founded on the belief that the solutions lie within and it is the coach's role to work in partnership to help reveal them.  The outcome of this process will be that you and your organisation will have a clearly definable path to your objectives, confident in the knowledge this is the right course for you because they are fully owned by you.


We understand how isolating the role of a manager can be.  So, whereas coaching assists over a defined period, our mentoring has no such limits.  For us mentoring is about being there when there is no-one else who really understands; about listening but not judging; about proffering the odd nugget of wisdom in approaching day to day challenges.  Sometimes it can be about walking in a person's shoes for a while, helping to minimise the risk of burnout, alienation or isolation. It's about being there for as long as needed, and can be long or short term.  It often complements either of the other two interventions.



There are certain key relationships that prevent organisations delivering consistently well, which may be internal or external or even within a multi-agency partnership.  Mediation provides an opportunity for conflicted parties to resolve issues through an impartial intermediary who, via confidential discussions, will help them overcome barriers and ultimately reach their own resolution.  The format of the mediation is tailored to suit local circumstances, ranging from confidential phone calls to formal face-to-face mediations attended by both parties.  Mediation has also been valuable in relation to disciplinary, grievance and similar situations.

Tailored solutions

Fresh Perspective CMM offers a range of complementary services that may stem from the above priorities or may be the starting point for discussions, and include but are not limited to the following:

  • enabling effective and appropriate governance

  • facilitating funding applications

  • assessing policies and procedures

  • supporting quality assurance processes

  • support regarding data management, processing and protection

  • external supervision